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The ex-husband is too arrogant (23rd Nov 22 at 1:19am UTC)
Secretary Ling had never seen him like this before. He didn't know how to deal with such a situation. He had to say in a comforting tone: "Mr. Lu, calm down first. It's not certain whether Miss Ruan is in the car or not. I'll go to investigate carefully first, and then come back to report to you. Don't worry too much." Lu Ziyan's heart is full of chagrin, worry and fear. He didn't listen to what Secretary Ling said. Secretary Ling waited for a long time and didn't hear Lu Ziyan's voice. He had to hang up the phone first to investigate the specific situation and let him calm down first. Sitting alone on the sofa, Lu Ziyan's mind was full of Ruan Qiaoan's voice and smile. He did not know how to accept the cruel fact and how to face the desperate situation if something really happened to Ruan Qiaoan. He thought about all kinds of possibilities in his mind, and then slowly his thoughts went back to four years ago, thinking of the question that Ruan Qiaoan asked himself. Zi Yan, if one day, I have an accident, not in this world, what will you do? Ruan Qiaoan sat on the sofa and leaned on Lu Ziyan's shoulder and asked. Lu Ziyan pushed her out impatiently: "Don't get so close. Don't you see I'm reading now?" Ruan Qiaoan curled his mouth slightly, but sat up straight obediently: "You are either reading documents or reading books every day. When will you have time to take a good look at me?"! If one day you never see me again, you will regret it. Regret? I never regret, "Lu Ziyan turned over a page of the book in his hand, did not look at her, directly cold hum.". In fact, when she heard Lu Ziyan's words, Ruan Qiaoan's eyes flashed a trace of injury, but when she thought that she could accompany him now,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, she felt that she should be contented and not be so greedy. So she quickly covered up the look of her eyes and looked at Lu Ziyan like a spoiled child: "Ziyan, you haven't answered me yet!"! If one day something happens to me and I'm not in this world, what will happen to you? "What you said will not happen at all now, of course, because we are all ordinary people, we will certainly face life and death, illness and old age,ceramic igniter electrodes, so if it really comes to that time, I will treat it with a normal heart." Lu Ziyan looked coldly at Ruan Qiaoan, spitting out these words without any emotion in his mouth. Oh, that's right! Ruan Qiaoan lowered her head in disappointment, but soon she cheered up and looked at Lu Ziyan with a smile, "Ziyan, if one day, you are not in this world, then I will not live alone." Lu Ziyan heard her words and said that there was no touch in his heart, which was a lie, but when he thought of his father's education from childhood, he pressed down the ripples in his heart and pulled out a sneer at the corners of his mouth: "Childish." Ruan Qiaoan, however, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,ceramic welding tape, did not care about his attitude and said to himself, "No matter what you think, that's my decision anyway." With a look of displeasure, Lu Ziyan closed the book in his hand and stared at Ruan Qiaoan, who was sitting beside him: "Noisy." Then he got up directly from the sofa and went to the study. When Ruan Qiaoan saw it, he quickly stood up from the sofa and followed him. But after Lu Ziyan walked into the study, he closed the door directly. Ruan Qiaoan stood outside the door, pursed his mouth and said unhappily, "What are you doing?"! People just want to stay with you a little longer, which is not good. Then he left sullenly. Lu Ziyan, on the other hand, leaned against the door of his study, thinking about the question Ruan Qiaoan had just asked himself, muttering to himself: "If one day you leave this world, what will happen to me?" "What would I do if you left this world one day?" Four years later, Lu Ziyan sat on the sofa with a sad look and spit out the question he had asked himself four years ago. The corners of his mouth showed a wry smile. At that time, he was dismissive of Ruan Qiaoan's problems and said that he would treat them with a normal heart.
But now I have encountered this situation, but why, when I think that there is no Ruan Qiaoan in the world, my heart will be so painful, not to say that we should treat it with a normal heart? "Ha ha." Thinking about it, Lu Ziyan sent out a desperate laugh, "Lu Ziyan, you can't compare with anyone in business, but now how can you not pass Ruan Qiaoan?"? Also say what normal heart treatment, you are really boastful, boastful ah. Four years ago, Lu Ziyan did not know what he really thought, so he lost Ruan Qiaoan. Four years later, he still did not insist on his inner thoughts. Now he may lose her forever. However, when Lu Ziyan was so worried about Ruan Qiaoan that he was about to collapse, the mobile phone he threw on the sofa suddenly rang. The absent Lu Ziyan picked it up when he was about to hang up, only to see him open his mouth without spirit: "Who?" "Hello?"? Is this Mr. Lu? We are from the county public security Bureau. A man's voice came from the other side of the phone. Yes, I am. What is the reason for looking for me? Hearing the call from the Public Security Bureau, Lu Ziyan cheered up a little, because he might understand Ruan Qiaoan's current state, whether he was born or not. Die. The person on the other side of the phone heard that Lu Ziyan had authenticated his identity and immediately said, "Well, your car has exploded on a expressway in our county. We want to know more about the situation from you, can we?" When Lu Ziyan heard that it was really about his car, he couldn't help holding the cell phone in his hand and taking a deep breath to stabilize his inner mood: "Can I want to know about the situation of the people on the car?" Chapter 130 it's all over. Of course, we only found one injured lady at the scene. Nothing else has been found. Can you tell me how many people are on the bus? Asked the officer on the phone. When he heard that there was only one injured lady,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, the expression on Lu Ziyan's face could be described as changeable. With joy and fear, he trembled and said, "Are you sure?"? Ture Is it really an injury? 。
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