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Spring is warm and fragrant by Smiling Beauty (23rd Nov 22 at 1:15am UTC)
"If you still don't want to, you must give me a reason that I can accept." Ming Hui Di knew that she had no feelings for herself, at most some good feelings, because of his appearance, so he decided to change the way, first one by one to break the reasons for her refusal. This is also the most useful strategy to deal with indecisive people. Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty would not put an indecisive courtier in an important position, but he liked Lu Yun's softness. She was weak and soft-hearted, so he could take advantage of it. Lu Yun still doesn't want to go to the palace. When she was a child, she was ridiculed as the daughter of a village girl. Although her father retaliated for her and repeatedly stressed that her status was no lower than anyone else, she could not forget the sarcastic eyes of those bad girls. She could not get along with the ladies of famous families and dignitaries comfortably. She always felt that when those people praised her face to face, they would laugh in a low voice when she turned around. Families of dignitaries do not want to be guests, let alone the palace where the most expensive people in the world live. But she could not dislike the palace, Lu Yun lowered his head, trying to belittle himself: "I, I do not deserve..." "Wang, the mother of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, abandoned her husband and daughter to serve Emperor Jing again. Yang Guifei of the Tang Dynasty served Emperor Xuanzong and his son. You are the apple of the eye of the Minister of War. You broke up because of her husband's harsh treatment. How can you be better than them?" Covering herself with her figure, Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty held her left hand. "Ah Yun, I only ask you if you would like to give me a chance to take care of you. I will solve other trifles. You don't have to worry about it." Lu Yun broke away from his hand, because the man was too close, she could not help but step back two steps. One reason was cracked by him, Lu Yun tried to find the second,Diameter tape measure, "even if there is a precedent, but the reputation has a little time." "I am alive, and no one dares to criticize me. If I go, I will not be heard by others." Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty interrupted her again, her eyes like fire, and she was not allowed to flinch. He naturally cares about fame, but if he dares not marry the woman he likes and regrets all his life, what's the fun of being an emperor? And throughout the history books, which wise king did not have some love affairs? Even if not,tape measure clip, the unofficial history will also fabricate two, he has not seen any "stain" of the wise king. She retreated, he caught up, Lu Yun only felt as if he had turned into a wolf, she did not promise to give him to eat, he did not kill and bite, but did not give up, hot pursuit. Lu Yun tried to collect his own shortcomings, but he did not care that she had married, did not care about secular advice, then, she was only one. "Do you want to say that your children are in trouble?" Seeing her lips move, Emperor Hui suddenly smiled and said it for her. The greatest pain in his life was mentioned, Lu Yun did not panic, nor chaos, horse weight tape ,Fiberglass tape measure, only gloomy. Yun, I want to make a bet with you. Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty clenched her hand and said faintly. Lu Yun's eyes moved and his eyes moved from the river to his chest. Attracted by her curiosity, Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty stepped forward and bowed his head in her ear, saying, "I bet I can make you pregnant.". You promise to be my concubine first. If I win in the future, you can have children for me with peace of mind. If I lose, then.. Warm breath fell on his ears, and what he said was thought-provoking. As soon as he opened his mouth, Lu Yun wanted to retreat, but he held his hand tightly. When he finished, Lu Yun wanted to know uncontrollably what he had deliberately kept behind him. While she was waiting secretly, the sound of gongs and drums suddenly came from the competition stage, and the competition had just ended. Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty suddenly let go of her and turned around. He saw Liao guarding Brother Chong and rushing over. Then he looked at the girl with her head down. He didn't know whether she was shy or wronged. Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty said helplessly, "That's all. Let's change the way we bet. We'll bet on the competition on the stage for a while. If you and I are in a group and you win the competition, you won't see it tonight. But if I win, you must listen to my arrangement." Lu Yun glanced at the people around the competition platform and begged him in a low voice, "You go, I.." "I order you to choose one of the two bets." Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty changed his gentle tone and said in a cold voice. When he put on the airs of the emperor, Lu Yun had nothing to say in an instant. He bit his lip and resigned to follow him to the competition platform.
Counting the three of them, a total of ten people, to draw lots on the stage to divide into groups, to go to the stage, Lu Yun suddenly came up with hope, if she drew a group with others, is it not necessary to compare with Ming Hui Di? Unfortunately, she did not know that the owner of Song's Lantern Tower, before abandoning his official position and inheriting the ancestral business of making lanterns, had been. A trusted confidant of Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty. Small Theater: Uncle: What is the significance of these two chapters? A Nuan: Alas, let someone realize the gap between him and Uncle Huang? Uncle: Who is someone? A Nuan: You stay away from me, I don't like you tonight! Chapter 144 144 A total of ten people took part in the final round of the competition, including Lu Yun, who was not dressed in men's clothes, and a girl, dressed in silk and satin clothes, wearing gold and jade jewelry, with a beautiful appearance, who attracted the attention of all the people as soon as she came on stage. Lu Yun was not used to standing out like this. He lowered his eyes and heard someone recognize the girl, surnamed Li, as if she were the daughter of a wealthy silk-and-satin merchant. Lu Yun looked at each other curiously and saw that Miss Li was generous and smiling when she was looked at by the crowd. Lu Yun suddenly relaxed a lot, at least she was not the only woman present. The lamp shop clerk came over with a bamboo tube and began to draw from the other end of the line. In order to pretend that they did not know each other, Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty did not stand with Lu Yun's sister and brother. Lu Yun led his brother to the back of the line. The lamp shop clerk came over and asked Brother Chong to smoke first. Brother Chong smoked one excitedly, but there was only one bamboo stick left inside. But the lamp shop clerk still used to shake, and then sent it to Lu Yun. Lu Yun took out a bamboo stick, the lower part of which was written with a "five" in red letters. Unexpectedly is the last group, Lu Yun secretly pleased, so even with the Ming Hui emperor, the first four groups are also very likely to win the challenge. Collecting the bamboo sticks, Lu Yun looked at his brother curiously, and Chongge raised the bamboo sticks nervously, "Sister,Fish measuring board, I am the first group.." "The first is good, so that the candlestick is not afraid of being won by the people in front of it." Lu Yun smiled and coaxed his brother. When Brother Chong heard this, the nervousness on his face turned into surprise.
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