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The university of princess disease (15th Nov 22 at 12:51am UTC)
Shen Mo was immediately discouraged and gave him a white look: "Are you going or not?"? I'm hungry. Cheng Yichen took all kinds of photos and sent them to Weibo, and it took him a long time to leave. Italian-style street is busy at this time, foreign bands, Filipino hostesses, open-air tables along the river bank, red wine and beer kebab steak, food gathering. Shen Mo found an empty seat to sit down and waited for Cheng Yichen to go to the barbecue restaurant to order. Summer weather, open-air dining seats slowly evening breeze blowing, not too hot, warm and humid, comfortable. Momo! Familiar with the voice. Shen Mo looked back in surprise: "Xu Shao?"? What are you doing here? Smiling, Xu Shao came over, hugged Shen Mo on the shoulder and kissed her on the lips. "I saw you all the way away. Who is the man with you?" "When I was a child, I helped a little. He invited me to eat kebabs. Did you come by yourself?" Shen Mo asked. My mother's guest. I'll take care of him. Over there. Xu Shao pointed to a table not far away to show Shen Mo. Shen Mo looked in the direction of his finger and saw a young girl sitting there, dignified and beautiful, with three big characters engraved on her forehead: I am Bai Fumei! Liao Ruotong has been smiling at Xu Shao and Shen Mo interaction, and did not get up, just in Shen Mo looked over when the reserved nod. Shen Mo's chest suddenly seemed to be stuffed with a ball of cotton, a little uncomfortable, and then turned his head to see Cheng Yichen trotting all the way to this side, hurriedly dealing with Xu Shao. Go there quickly and we'll talk on the phone later. Xu Shao did not speak. He took one look at Cheng Yichen, who was rushing over angrily. "Good,Warehouse storage racks," he said to Shen Mo with a smile. Then he left and sat down at the next table. Shen Mo returned to the table, just sat down, Cheng Yichen carrying two cups of draft beer has rushed to the front. Momo, did that boy just hit on you? "No, my classmate, come and say hello." Shen Mo vague way, she did not intend to let Cheng Yichen know Xu Shao is her boyfriend, not yet. Cheng Yichen breathed a sigh of relief,Steel racking system, put down the draft beer, turned around and went to greet the shopkeeper to put more hot pepper on the kebab. Not long after, the hot kebab was placed on the top of the small stove, and the Xinjiang uncle with two curls performed an impromptu rap song and dance. Shen Mo grabbed the mutton kebab to eat and drank, during which he looked at Xu Shao's table next door from time to time. Cheng Yichen sits opposite Shen Mo, is more intuitive, two eyes are staring at Liao Ruotong to see. Does it look good? Shen Mo shook his finger in front of his eyes. Good-looking Cheng Yichen had no intention of avoiding it. More beautiful than me? Shen Mo is not convinced. Cheng Yichen told the truth: "Well." Your facial features are not as beautiful as yours, and your figure is not as good as yours. However, this girl looks high-end and elegant. Compared with others, you are a small Jasper. Unconvinced, Shen Mo scolded in a low voice: "Fool!"! Clothes make the man and gold makes the Buddha. Do you know how much her clothes cost? Liao Ruotong wears a two-piece short skirt, light pink loose short shirt, green and blue ribbon decoration at the collar, grass green short skirt, pink and blue ribbon decoration at the waist line, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Drive in racking system, and a huge lotus flower on the skirt. Such color matching and patterns, if it is a batch of emerging markets, do not know what to look like, but Liao Ruotong sat there, as dazzling as a star on the red carpet. Shen Mo today is wearing the same two-piece skirt, the upper body is also light pink loose cotton shirt, the day looks good, night light simply can not see the true colors, white in yellow, denim skirt has long been submerged in the night, looks no different from Cheng Yichen's big pants. Cheng Yichen spread out his hands: "What should I do?"? You can't let people take off their clothes and compare with you, can you? "Make your mouth cheap!" Shen Mo grabbed a bamboo stick and pulled it out, fiercely akimbo. Two people at the next table heard the sound, Xu Shao frowned at Cheng Yichen, Cheng Yichen did not hesitate to stare back, two people compete in the air. Just then, the band began to perform, the violinist went straight to Xu Shao's table, a famous song, melodious praise of beautiful love, Xu Shao took out two pink bills from his wallet to tip. Foreign bands perform in Fengqing Street all the year round. In addition to the performance fees given by the merchants, the tips of the guests are also the main source of income. They are all China hands. They can roughly know whether they can earn tips by looking at the dishes and glancing at the contents on the table. Couples who order a big plate of chicken and a casserole kebab will never come forward.
"Momo, do you want to eat lobster?" Cheng Yichen suddenly raised his voice and asked, deliberately letting a table next to him hear. What's wrong with you! What's wrong with you? Shen Mo cursed in a low voice and kicked him hard under the table. It's not like you can't afford it? I'm rich! Cheng Yichen shouted, pulling out the bulging wallet from the back pocket of his underpants and clapping it hard on the table. The wallet suddenly popped open, and a thick stack of pink RMB was exposed on the edge, causing Liao Ruotong at the next table to turn his head curiously. Shen Mo immediately blushed, eager to find a crack in the ground to get into, is really a shame to throw into grandma's house! Not long after, the Filipino girl from the Western restaurant came over with the lobster meal in her hand and sent it to her seat respectfully. "Xiansen, please enjoy your meal," she said in a sweet voice. When the violinist heard the wind, he stood beside Shen Mo and played the rhythm happily. One of the classic operas expressed the happy mood of the maid and the gardener. Shen Mo tilted his head as if smiling, and the cotton in his heart became more and more blocked, and the blonde violinist did not think she could understand, but also winked at her niftily. Cheng Yichen had already prepared the tip and was happy to show his support: "You can speak louder!" Shen Mo resigned and sighed. All the people in the grandmother's family had been lost. Even if her grandfather slept in Babaoshan, he had to climb out angrily. Two people at the other table had already got up, and Xu Shao came straight over. Momo, I'll go back first and call you in the evening. "All right, let's talk in the evening." Shen Moqiang smiled and waved goodbye. Xu Shao glanced at Cheng Yichen and saw him leaning on his chair, squinting and looking at him provocatively. He smiled and said, "See you later!" Inadvertently raised the car key, the car logo instantly flashed blind Cheng Yichen's eyes. Damn it Cheng Yichen scolded, his face changed, he stood up and looked at the parking lot not far away, Xu Shao and Liao Ruotong got on the blue Bugatti. Violinist received a tip, the end of the performance, finally quiet,heavy duty racking system, Shen Mo immediately relaxed, picked up a string of tendons, mercilessly roll a mouthful.
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